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Environmental statement

Health and safety are essential components of environmental protection and are therefore crucial to all activities at Eurofleurs. We are continuously improving our activities in these sectors. For us, preventive measures show the biggest impact.

We pursue aims that result in constant improvement and development. We therefore strive for an efficient use of energy and natural resources. We also promote reducing the use of materials, and the recycling of these materials after their usage.

We give our employees the environment to take responsibility and work effectively. We also promote their personal and vocational development.

We meet or surpass all national and international legal requirements regarding environmental and health protection while using our materials.

The topic of environmental protection is present in all activities of Eurofleurs. We constantly strive to avoid or minimize our impact on the environment.

Plan for an improved environmental protection

In order to protect the environment, Elbers GmbH & Co. KG is planning to conduct following energy saving measures in 2019.

By switching from neon lights to LED lights in the offices, we will save 500KW/h per year.

By exchanging our old servers with new models, we are planning on saving around 2.100KW/h.

By upgrading our workspaces with Intel NUC models with SSD, we will save around 300KW/h per PC. With an upgrade plan of 10 PCs for 2019, this will be a reduction of around 3000KW/h.

Further, the acquisition of additional solar systems are planned.